Production Overview

WHEN ALL THE ANIMALS ARE GONE is the story of a father’s battle to protect his grieving son, his wife's grave, and his poor, violated watermelons.

Set in 1938, the film will be shot in grainy, subdued tones, to parallel not only the time period, but the underlying mourning of the newly-motherless farm. Music will be sparse, relying on the sounds of crickets, whippoorwills, and a Martian invasion to create the ambient world.


The film will run approximately 15 minutes, and principle photography will take place over three days. It will be filmed in Southern California and submitted to film festivals soon after.


Mood Board

We are emotional creatures, and for better or worse we often rely more on our guts than our brains. In order to actually care about something, to feel about something outside our own purview, there must be an emotional connection to it. In that regard, storytelling is our most valuable possession. Storytelling bridges our psyches to the cold, rational world, or to people who don't even exist. It creates in us a reason to care, to exercises our empathy by connecting us to circumstances other than our own, and in doing so shows us nooks and crannies of the human fabric we never knew existed.

When All the Animals Are Gone is about protecting your family. It's about the gravity of life’s silly battles, about having to overcome the invisible invaders of every single day. It’s about the collateral tension caused by the creeping intrusion of technology, and our heightened sense of fear as we become more and more disconnected from nature.


On a personal level, this story was my first published story, and I couldn't be more excited to bring it to life. But more importantly, this is a story about parenthood and the perpetual undercurrent of dread that we must settle into. As a new parent my desire to tell this story has bloomed into a responsibility. Not because of its content, but because I have to show my young son that it is indeed possible to achieve his goals as long as he's willing to go out and fight for them; as long as he's willing to booby-trap the garden, to fend off the Martians, to compel his dreams into existence instead of waiting for someone to grant him access to them. 


Please feel free to contact me with questions, just to say hello, or to request a copy of the script.



Eric Thompson

A Note from the Director