Erwin is furious when he finds two of his watermelons have been pruriently-punctured, not ten feet from his wife’s eternal resting place.


He knows his son ain't the culprit. Hell, the Boy hasn't stopped burying his animal toys long enough to hiccup, much less sully his mama’s garden. And he knows one more thing, too: not a damn thing's gonna stop him from catching that sumbitch tonight.


Not even a Martian invasion...


Originally published as the featured short story in Bayou Magazine – a major American literary publication – the adapted screenplay made it to the second round (top 15%) of the 2016 Austin Film Festival Short Screenplay competition, beating out over 9,100 other scripts and garnering praise for its “amazingly unique world” and its “wonderful...bravely executed” dialogue. It also advanced to the quarterfinal round of the 2018 Screencraft Short Screenplay Contest, and the quarterfinal round of the 2019 HollyShorts Screenplay Contest.

The Script




A small-town farmer who recently lost his wife. Erwin ain’t never been much on sensitivity or patience, but he’s gonna have to find both as he figures out how to protect the garden from a miscreant, the farm from the Martians, and the Boy from good ol’ fashioned grief.

The Boy

Since his mama died, the Boy has taken to burying all of his wooden animals, one by one in tiny graves around the farm. They're almost all gone. The Boy don't seem too concerned about it. But it sure worries the hell outta Erwin...